February 7, 2017

Street Talk: Parking in L.A.

None of us like getting parking tickets. Now you can discover every ticket given on your block, where you're most likely to get a parking ticket, where your parking fines go, and more on our new parking ticket website. Included are our recommendations for new technology to help prevent you from getting your next parking ticket. 

Cleaning our Streets and Helping our Homeless

We've all seen encampments and tent communities multiply in LA. It's a disservice to our homeless population and to all Angelenos. That's why I've launched a review of the City's homeless encampment policies. Stay tuned for details later this spring on how the City is meeting the needs of our most vulnerable.

You Break It, You Fix It

Utility companies regularly make cuts into our streets to fix and upgrade pipes, power lines, cables, etc. But, because those cuts also cause damage to our streets, the City charges a fee. To get more money to fix our streets, I'm seeking to fully recover our costs

Radical Transparency 

We may not be able to get the money out of politics, but we sure can get more radical transparency. The public should be able to connect the dots between donations and campaigns in a way that is accessible and easy to navigate.

  • Check out my recommendations and comments in the LA Times and KCRW.

Affordable Housing: We Can Do Better

We all know that LA needs more affordable housing, but how do we get it? One way is the City's Density Bonus Program that provides incentives to developers who build low and moderate income units. However, my Report on Income-Restricted Affordable Housing found it's not working nearly as well as it should. 

Keeping 'em Honest

In an era of 'alternative facts', the job of my auditors, analysts, and investigators is to review the work of City departments and report on the facts. Check out our Audit of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) and the Special Review of the Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD) where we identified gaps in fiscal oversight and made recommendations that will increase accountability. 

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

I was honored to be a part of -- and to address -- the Women's March Los Angeles on January 21. The March was an amazing show of support for diversity, inclusion, and equal rights for everyone. Attended by hundreds of thousands of people, the March brought out the very best in LA. I also participated in the Save Roe Rally -- because women's rights are human rights. 

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