March 1, 2017


Making Sense of $12.7 Billion

What's the latest in how the City is spending your money? My office is happy to tell you in brief or at length. The 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has details on City expenses, revenues, expenditures ($12.7 billion), assets and liabilities. If you prefer a quick overview, then check out the Community Financial Report. Chock full of charts and graphs, the Community Financial Report summarizes the City’s financial position in an easy-to-read format.

Click here for the Reports

Keeping Our Roads Clean

Angelenos are California’s most prolific drivers and we all deal with trash on and near our roads. Yet, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) shortchanges us when it comes to roadway maintenance and litter removal. We account for 24 percent of miles driven on California's roads, yet just 14 percent of roadway maintenance funds. I called on Caltrans to develop a budget model that would allocate maintenance funding on a more equitable basis.

Read my Letter to Caltrans

Getting Credit Where It’s Due

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a benefit for low-to-moderate-income working families, yet many leave money on the table. This hurts our economy, as the money stays with the federal government rather than being spent by deserving taxpayers. With tax season right around the corner, I joined City leaders to launch Free Tax Prep LA -- a program that educates the public on the EITC. I also spoke at a symposium with the Housing + Community Investment Department and other partners to discuss free tax preparation and financial literacy. Almost $1 billion in EITC goes unclaimed every year nationally. 

Watch the Free Tax Prep LA Press Conference

LAX is Taking Off

The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners reinstated the Audit Committee to ensure financial integrity, controls and performance. Reactivating the audit committee was a best practice we recommended in our 2016 report on LAWA. We're keeping a close eye on the progress of renovations happening at LAX so stay tuned.

Restoring Our Streets

Following our Letter to City officials regarding the need to fully recover costs incurred when utilities cut into our streets, our recommendation to develop a new calculation for Street Damage Restoration Fees was approved. The Board of Public Works and the Bureau of Street Services agreed with our recommendation to expand a study to help the City fairly recoup the costs of utility work on our streets. Considering the recent storms we've had, our streets have endured enough damage and recalculating the restoration fees should benefit Angelenos.

A Sweet Success

We launched a new morning speaker series that features two of our favorite things: data and donuts. The goal is to bring together the City and County's doers and change-makers for inspiration talks and much-needed networking. Our first speaker was the imaginative and pioneering general manager of the Information Technology Agency and Chief Information Officer for the City of Los Angeles, Ted Ross. Catch the next Data + Donuts in early April! 

Watch the first Data+Donuts event


African American Heritage Month

February was African American Heritage Month and as we celebrated cultural activities throughout the City, we created an eye-opening graphic about African Americans employed in L.A. City government.

Studies show that a diverse workforce enhances organizational performance. Diversity does all of us good. 

No Kidding

It's never too early to become engaged with your city, or financially savvy. What a joy to meet these 3rd graders from Brawerman Elementary School. Look closely -- one of these bright young kids may have a career at City Hall one day...maybe even as Controller?


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