Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin

Transparency, Trust, and Transformation: 
The Vision for My Second Term 


I was honored to be sworn in to my second term as the Los Angeles City Controller this month. As I serve you in the coming years, I am guided by these three key principles:

  1. Transparency: Our renowned open data portals have made Los Angeles the No. 1 digital city in the nation. I will continue pushing for open data and access so that all Angelenos can know how the City government spends taxpayer money.

  2. Trust: At a time of unprecedented dissatisfaction with government, know that I am always fighting for you. My audits and reports will continue to hold City government accountable and ensure that the City works for you.

  3. Transformation: As the first Neighborhood Council member elected citywide, I deeply believe that each and every person in our City counts. I won't stop working to push the envelope and deliver meaningful results to the people of Los Angeles. 

Thank you for entrusting me again with this great responsibility. I am truly grateful to do this rewarding job and serve the City I love. 

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Follow the Money: A Closer Look at Special Funds

 Special funds

Did you know that the City of Los Angeles has almost $9 billion in cash set aside for special purposes ranging from operating our airport to putting microchips in pets in our animal shelters? These "special funds" dwarf the $800 million we have in the General Fund, but few people know much about them. My office is leading the charge to investigate how these funds are being spent and regulated. So far, we've found that there are redundant and unnecessary funds, little City Council oversight, and forgotten funds that aren't being spent at all. There's a lot of work to do, but I'm determined to make the City government's use of special funds more effective, flexible, and transparent to meet the needs of all Angelenos. 

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Into the Weeds: Mapping L.A.'s Dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries

There are more than 1,500 medical marijuana dispensaries across our City, and starting in January, recreational marijuana use will be legal in California. Where are all these dispensaries? Are they playing by the rules and paying their business taxes? To prepare us for the new “green rush,” which could bring us $50 million in new tax revenue, I mapped L.A. dispensaries and gave advice to the City Council on how to make sure they’re safe, legal, and paying their fair share.

Know your dispensary at lacontroller.org/marijuana

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L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin

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