October 2, 2016

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Wishing All Who Will Be Celebrating the Jewish New Year This Week a Year of Health, Happiness and Peace. Happy 5777!


Gas Co. Franchise Audit:
The Opportunity to Negotiate a Better Deal For Angelenos


Southern California Gas Co. provides a vital service to the people of Los Angeles, delivering gas to homes and businesses courtesy of the franchise agreement between the City and SoCalGas. The granting by the City of that franchise is a privilege, which is one reason my office released an audit calling on the City to negotiate a new franchise agreement with the gas company. We also called on the City to insist that the utility pay additional fees for the right to sell gas and for the use of public rights of way, and to ensure that residents are more fully protected in the event of safety problems like those that occurred recently in the Porter Ranch area.

Simply put, the gas company needs to pay its fair share to the City and to be subject to more local oversight. With the current franchise set to expire soon, L.A. has the opportunity both to increase revenue and protect the communities of Los Angeles.

Read the Audit

Read "LA audit seeks more revenue from city’s SoCalGas franchise agreement" in the Daily News

DWP Incentives:
The Opportunity to Capture More Rain

Los Angeles has various incentives to save water, and it's important that we constantly evaluate the data on them to ensure that the incentives are helpful and delivering the best returns on investment possible.

Last year my office audited DWP's water conservation programs. One of our conclusions was that turf removal can be a great way to save water, but may not be the most cost-effective incentive the City can provide.

Last week, the Board of Water and Power Commissioners tightened criteria for water rebates. Among the new requirements, water customers will now have to install rainfall capture elements and have landscaping in which native or climate-appropriate plants cover at least 50 percent of the converted areas. These new standards will help maximize the value of rebates and ensure that we're not only spending money to save water, but to capture it as well.

Read "No more cash for fake grass" in the LA Times

Latino Heritage Month:
The Opportunity to Celebrate Our City's Diversity

Latino Heritage Month is here! While the celebrations will be filled with music, art, dancing and, of course, lots of great food, here in the Controller's Office we thought we'd celebrate in a way that won't affect your waistline:

For this edition of our Data of the Month, we present a look at Latino employment in the City of Los Angeles. Do you see any interesting trends in the data? Let us know on Twitter. And in the meantime, enjoy the festivities. Feliz mes de la herencia hispana!


Labor Day:
The Opportunity to Honor Working Men and Women


More than 40,000 City employees, including police officers, firefighters, parks employees, and librarians honor us every day with their hard work. On Labor Day, it's our turn to honor them. This past Labor Day, I joined other elected officials at the 37th annual Labor Day parade in Wilmington. After the parade, we served food and refreshments to all of the participants.

Get to Know Us:
Why Processing Payroll is Like Cooking a Good Meal

Here in the Controller's office, 150 talented and dedicated professionals make the office run. Rather than tell you what each of them does, I thought I'd let them tell you directly about their work in our new feature, "Get to Know Us."


It's not easy to run the the day-to-day business of the City--that includes processing payroll for more than 43,0000 employees. It takes a special person to run that kind of an operation. Linh Vo, a 27-year veteran of the City, is our Director of Systems. And payroll is her passion. 

"Payroll is like cooking a meal for someone. The smile on their face tells you it was worth it and makes you feel really good."

Outside of work, Linh, who has a son in college, enjoys painting and volunteering with different cancer organizations.

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