October 22, 2016

A Call for More Water Recycling


85% of water used by Angelenos is imported from outside of Southern California--at great expense. Meanwhile, most of the water we use gets minimally treated and released into the ocean. Given the realities of our current drought and climate change, that's not sustainable.

Yesterday, we issued an audit of the Bureau of Sanitation’s Recycled Water Programs. Accompanying it was a letter I co-authored with Mayor Garcetti to the heads of the California Water Resources Control Board and the State Dept. of Water Resources, calling on the State of California to increase water grants and loans to Los Angeles, which would allow the City to expand its water recycling programs while reducing its dependence on imported water. “We must think big in our water infrastructure improvements and we are asking for the State’s support in this ambitious plan,” we wrote.

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Domestic Violence Has No Place Here


20 people a minute in American are victims of domestic violence.

On a typical day, the City’s 911 service gets 131 calls for assistance in domestic violence incidents. (That’s 48,000 calls a year.) With the release of an audit by my office last year on the City's domestic violence programs, the City has now increased the number of response teams in the LAPD from 10 to 21.

And with October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I recently joined Mayor Garcetti to launch a new citywide advertising campaign to help victims get the assistance they need. 

Making Los Angeles More Business Focused

I recently sat down with the Los Angeles Business Journal's Howard Fine to discuss how the City can improve its financial operations by being more business focused. 

In a Q&A, I explained that our City government may not be a business, but that doesn't mean we can't run it based on some of the same principles businesspeople use to ensure that they're getting the best return on investment--so we can deliver the best and the most services for all Angelenos.

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State of the City's Finances

The City of LA’s fiscal condition has improved markedly over the last several years, with increased revenue from various sources. The growth in revenues continues, but the pace of that growth was somewhat less in the fiscal year ended June 30. That's according to my office's Preliminary Financial Report--the first year-end review of the City’s finances.

We in the Controller's office continue to monitor all the revenue sources on a regular basis and will soon be making projections for the fiscal year that is set to begin July, 2017. More to come...

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Get to Know Us: Matt Crawford
The Man Behind the Financial Report

Here in the Controller's office, 150 talented and dedicated professionals make the office run. In this regular feature, we let them tell you about their work.


Matthew Crawford is my office's Director of Financial Analysis and Reporting. A 16-year veteran of City Hall, Matt manages a large team of professionals responsible for reporting and analyzing the City’s budget and expenditures.

“My goal is to ensure that reports are accurate, timely and transparent," says Matt, though he's quick to insist that preparing updates like our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report takes a lot of collaboration. "I am so appreciative of the staff--they work very hard and are incredibly dedicated. It takes a big team effort to get our work done."

Speaking of teams, Matt loves watching UCLA football and spending time with his family. 

Money Matter$: Jump-Start Your Financial Future

October is Financial Planning Month and I've partnered with the Los Angeles City Library to help you get your finances in shape. 

75% of adults agree that they could benefit from a professional's advice and answers to everyday financial questions. Are you one of them? If so, join me on October 29 at the Central Library. We'll have Certified Financial Planners on-hand to offer free, personalized financial advice. This event is free and registration is recommended.

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