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Office of the Controller
200 N. Main Street, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213.978.7200, phone
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Office Hours:

Executive: 8AM-5PM

Operations Sections (Payroll, Paymaster, etc.): 8AM-4PM

For California Public Records Act Requests, Contact: 
Kevin McNeely
213.978.7200, phone


Download the California Public Records Act Guide.

The Office of the Los Angeles City Controller is the Custodian of certain records including, but not limited to:

• Citywide employee payroll
• Citywide audit reports
• Citywide fund accounts
• Vendor payments
• Financial reports

If you are requesting electronic or paper copies of the records as described above, please submit in writing your request to, including:

• Name
• Contact information, i.e. email and/or phone number
• Specific details
• Dates involved
• Method of delivery

Please Note: the Office of the Controller can only provide records of which we have custody. Please allow up to ten calendar days to receive a response to your request.

If you are seeking records from other City Departments, please refer to this list of City of Los Angeles, Public Records Act Coordinators, who may be able to assist you. 


The duplication fee is $1.00 per request, $0.10 per page for standard-sized document (8.5 x 11 inch or 8.5 x 14 inch white paper with black ink) and $0.25 per page for large-sized documents (11 x 17 inch white paper with black ink).

Additional costs may apply for postage (U.S. Mail or expedited delivery), photographs, or electronic records where special programming is required. 

All payments are due at the time record reproduction is provided.

Payment may be made in cash or check, payable in U.S. fund to: City of Los Angeles