KCRW: The effort to ban developer donations

Posted on January 17, 2017

Photo by Tim Ahem

There's a development boom underway in Los Angeles. Big commercial and residential projects are being built across the city. Not everyone is happy about this growth and Angelenos opposed to these projects argue that developers have too much clout in City Hall.

So some Los Angeles elected officials have called for a ban on political campaign contributions from developers who have projects pending before City Hall. The proposed ban comes just two months before voters will decide on Measure S, a ballot initiative that would place a two-year moratorium on new development projects that require zoning variances or other special exemptions. Is such a ban legal, or is it "misdirection" from the real problem -- a dysfunctional planning process that ill serves a city in need of smart, optimistic thinking about how to grow for the future? DnA talks to developers and critics of money in land-use politics.


Robert Silverstein, Silverstein Law Firm 
Paul Krekorian, Los Angeles City Council (@PaulKrekorian
Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica
Ron Galperin, Office of the Los Angeles City Controller (@RonGalperin
Mott Smith, Civic Enterprise (@CivicEnterprise)

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