L.A. Controller Calls on City to Take a More Dynamic, Efficient Approach to Street Sweeping

Posted on October 25, 2017 at 10

Los Angeles --  A world-class city deserves world-class streets. Unfortunately, in the driving capital of the world, too often L.A.’s streets are unswept and our City lacks a clear methodology to take on the nearly 14,000 curb miles on which residents, business people and tourists drive each day. In his latest audit, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin called on the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) to reassess how street sweepers can more efficiently clean City streets while optimizing routes and making better use of technology.

“One mark of a great city is its clean streets,” Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin said. “Though thousands of miles are swept each year, we currently lack clear data or a methodology as to why or where streets are swept.” Currently, the 4,692 curb miles of streets posted for weekly sweeping are cleaned based on posted routes, not necessarily based on need.

“We must not be satisfied with the status quo, rather the City should think smarter and work more efficiently,” said Galperin. “In addition to clearer metrics detailing why, where and when street sweepers should be sent, BSS needs to make greater use of technology and refined digitalization of data to optimize results.”

The Controller’s audit recommends that the City:

  • Conduct an evaluation of routes to determine, among other things, the frequency of street sweeping based on the amount of debris in the street;

  • Implement an enhanced policy that takes into account a route optimization study to adopt a new street sweeping schedule;

  • Make better use of existing technology and implement new technology, such as digital street signs to alert impending sweeping while also compiling and sharing more data that more accurately details the entire sweep sweeping program.

To read the full audit and executive summary thereof, visit lacontroller.org/audits.