Fox 11: 'Staggering' Overtime at DOT

Posted on May 26, 2015

FOX 11 — The overtime is "staggering", according to a release by the City of Los Angeles controller's office press release. Four supervisors in DOT's Traffic Paint and Sign section received $70,000 in overtime pay during one year. One superintendent received over $155,000 in overtime, on TOP of his salary. He effectively tripled his $78,000 a year salary.

That is just part of an audit report released by Controller Ron Galperin, who ordered the investigation after a tip to the Controller's Fraud Waste & Abuse Hotline . The investigation found "strikingly high" overtime by a number of employees, which decreased dramatically the moment they were notified there was an ongoing investigation.

So, have the employees been fired, disciplined, what?

"It's personnel issues and we can't go into that" says the new DOT manager, Seleta Reynolds, who was not in charge when all this happened between 2011 and 2014. After much prodding, she did say that one person was removed from their position, another was moved to a different department. No one has been fired, why?

It seems the supervisors who approved the overtime did not keep records of the work done (or not), so they could tracked. So not even the City Attorney seems to have enough to file, according to Galperin.

"But everyone is now on notice" added the Controller. Reynolds says they are redoing their system to keep better records and have more oversight.

If you too want to call in fraud or abuse of local government resources, the hotline number is 866-428-1514. No guarantees on the outcome.

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