City Controller Declares March 4 Los Angeles Open Data Day

Posted on March 02, 2017 at 3

Los Angeles -- On Friday, March 3, City Controller Ron Galperin and Councilmember Bob Blumenfield will present a resolution to the City Council declaring March 4 Open Data Day. In anticipation of the 2017 International Open Data Day on March 4, L.A. will join hundreds of cities around the world in celebrating the adoption and use of open data in government, business and other institutions that serve the community.

“Open data and transparency go hand in hand,” said Galperin. “I’m excited to promote Open Data Day in Los Angeles and celebrate the creative and effective technological uses of open data that the City has pioneered.”

The City of Los Angeles has been a key leader in civic innovation and transparency through its use of open data practices. Integral to this movement are Galperin’s award-winning open data portals on City-owned properties, parking tickets, affordable housing, payroll, utilities and procurement. Galperin and Councilmember Blumenfield will present the Resolution to Hack for LA, a nonprofit group that develops technology-based solutions for civic challenges in Los Angeles. Notably, Hack for LA volunteers created, a website that identifies healthy food sources in low-income areas where food scarcity exists.

"I am proud to have worked with Mayor Garcetti, Controller Galperin and many others to make Los Angeles a leader in open data, creating one of the most transparent and accessible local governments in the nation,” said Blumenfield. “It is said that ‘sunshine is the best disinfectant,’ and ensuring that all Angelenos can see where every cent of taxpayer money is spent helps build trust in government and holds elected officials accountable."

International Open Data Day is an annual, worldwide event that promotes transparency through the use of freely available, non-copyrighted data. Locally, governments and nonprofits commemorate the day through seminars, demonstrations and hackathons, which are intensive collaborations among programmers. This year’s international celebration will focus on open data for research, human rights and the environment, as well as tracking the flow of public money. With the federal government suspending its annual observance of International Open Data Day this year, it is imperative for state and local governments to take the lead.

Galperin’s open data program can be found at and includes: ControlPanelLA, which provides information about the City’s expenditures, revenues, payroll, accounts and more; CheckbookLA, which documents all of the goods and services purchased by the City of Los Angeles; and PropertyPanelLA, the most comprehensive map of 9,000 parcels owned by the City of Los Angeles.