Public Records

California Public Records Requests

The Office of the Los Angeles Controller believes deeply in the principles of transparency and accountability. This website allows for a more efficient means of requesting public documents that fall under the California Public Records Act (CPRA). Adopted in 1968, the CPRA is designed to give the public access to information in the possession of public agencies and elected officials. The Act also provides that public records shall be open for inspection during regular office hours of the agency. The public can inspect or receive a copy of any record unless the record is exempted from disclosure under the act.


How do I make a Public Records request?

To open a new public record request, click on the Request A New Public Record icon below. For additional help, please visit Next Request's support page.


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Who can initiate a Public Records request?

Anyone may initiate a request for public records.


What type of information can I request?

The Office of the Los Angeles Controller is the Custodian of certain records such as: Citywide employee payroll, citywide audit reports, citywide fund accounts, vendor payments and financial reports. Please note: the Office of the Controller can only provide records of which we have custody. Please allow up to ten calendar days to receive a response to your request.

If you are seeking records from other City Departments, please refer to this list of City of Los Angeles, Public Records Act Coordinators, who may be able to assist you.  


How soon must a City agency respond to my request?

The California Public Records Act requires an Agency to provide a response to a public records request within 10 calendar days.


How much will I be charged for my request?

Documents and materials within the possession of the Office of the Controller that are available in electronic format will be provided without charge, when feasible. Fees for paper copies are ten cents per page, unless the requested document has an established statutory fee. The cost will vary depending on the specific request.


Where else can I find information?

LA Controller Ron Galperin's open data portal, ControlPanel LA, is your source for information about the City of Los Angeles' expenditures of taxpayer dollars, revenues, payroll, purchasing, special funds, and more. You can also conduct a search of the City’s Council File Management System, which contains reports, ordinances, and other documents pending consideration or acted on by the City Council.