• L.A. City Finances Strengthen; Challenges Remain

    Explore the interactive Community Financial Report

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  • Elevating Safety

    L.A. Controller Report Finds City Needs to up its Tracking Elevator and Escalator Safety

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  • World-Class Streets for a World-Class City

    Bureau of Street Services should reassess how street sweepers can more efficiently clean City streets while optimizing routes and making better use of technology.

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  • Health and Safety at Homeless Encampments

    Homeless encampments are creating a unique public health and safety crisis that demands immediate action.

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  • Grading Our Parks

    Controller issues report cards for City parks — along with results of public survey of park users

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  • Policing Our Businesses

    Controller Urges Review of LAPD Business Permits

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  • How Do We Create More Affordable Housing?

    A Review of the City’s Density Bonus Program and Overall Oversight.

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  • Parking Tickets in LA

    Controller Urges Smarter Parking Ticket Reform.

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  • Maximizing the City's Real Estate Portfolio

    Explore the 9,000 Properties Owned by the City

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  • A Better Flight Plan for LAX

    Moderating Traffic & Upgrading Business Practices at the Airport

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Ron Galperin


Welcome to the website of Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin. Here you can view audits and reports, check out the latest news in our press room, share your ideas for City efficiencies, and more. To view information such as City expenditures, funds, revenues, and payroll, visit ControlPanel.LA



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