• Prop O

    Good Projects, Poor Financial Practices

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  • More Officer Work. Less Office Work.

    Audit: Increase Police Deployment by Filling 458 LAPD Jobs With Civilian Employees

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  • A Better Flight Plan for LAX

    Moderating Traffic & Upgrading Business Practices at the Airport

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  • The Year in Review

    Read the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and learn about the City’s expenditures, revenues, assets and liabilities for FY 2014-15.

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  • Time to Shelve Outdated Warehouse Practices

    Controller Calls for Increasing Technology, Decreasing Inventory at City’s 60+ Storage Facilities

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  • Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish?

    City Spends More to Repair Vehicles Than They Cost

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  • A Call for Reform

    Controller Calls for Governance Reform at DWP

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  • Money in the Bank?

    Audit Finds City Failing to Charge, Spend Developer Fees for Infrastructure

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Ron Galperin


Welcome to the website of Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin. Here you can view audits and reports, check out the latest news in our press room, share your ideas for City efficiencies, and more. To view information such as City expenditures, funds, revenues, and payroll, visit ControlPanel.LA



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