• Controller Details Services, Calls for More Strategic Approach to Provide Services for Older Adults

    Engaging Older Angelenos

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  • Controller Calls for Better Use of City’s Emergency Notification System

    Ensuring Public Safety is Paired With Public Information

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  • Controller Calls on City to Modernize Recruitment and Hiring

    Retaining and Bringing on the Best People to Work and Serve Los Angeles

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  • Review of the City of Los Angeles' Oil and Gas Drilling Sites

    At least 5,000 known oil & gas wells throughout the City of L.A.

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  • LGBT Youth Resources Map

    Lists more than 143 organizations offering free housing, legal services and more

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  • Health and Safety at Homeless Encampments

    Homeless encampments are creating a unique public health and safety crisis that demands immediate action.

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  • Audit: Systematic Code Enforcement Program

    "There is nothing more important than the safety and well being of Angelenos."

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  • $28 Million in Unspent Public Funds

    Funds for Public Housing, Transportation and Housing

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  • A More Accessible L.A.

    “The City must works toward greater accessibility and inclusion..."

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  • Elevating Safety

    L.A. Controller Report Finds City Needs to up its Tracking Elevator and Escalator Safety

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  • World-Class Streets for a World-Class City

    Bureau of Street Services should reassess how street sweepers can more efficiently clean City streets while optimizing routes and making better use of technology.

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  • Report: Greater Transparency & Accountability Needed at Zoo

    "The question is not whether change is needed but what form it will take."

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Ron Galperin


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